Scottish Connections
"A Place for Scottish Americans in the Pacific Northwest"

Scottish Connections is an organization that contributes to the development of the Scottish communities in the United States and Canada by creating personal, cultural, educational and commercial links between the Pacific Northwest, the rest of the United States, Canada and Scotland.

Our long term goals are those that encompass the following:

The development of "The Scottish Directory"  to provide greater recognitiion of, and access to the Scottish community which exists throughout the United States and Canada.

Assisting people within the Scottish community to have more awareness and appreciatiion of the mark a small nation of Scots made across the World and across the centuries.

Helping develop a meaningful Tartan Day observance in the United States, Canada and Scotland.

  1. 1a-The Cuillin Mountains
    1a-The Cuillin Mountains
  2. 2-Alaska Inupiat Family
    2-Alaska Inupiat Family
  3. 1-Anchorage Alaska
    1-Anchorage Alaska
  4. 3-Alaskan Glacier
    3-Alaskan Glacier
  5. 4-Alaskan Igloo
    4-Alaskan Igloo
  6. 5-Alaskan Moose
    5-Alaskan Moose
  7. 6-Mt. Denali Alaska
    6-Mt. Denali Alaska
  8. 7-Northern Lights Alaska
    7-Northern Lights Alaska
  9. 8-Alaska Polar Bear
    8-Alaska Polar Bear
  10. 10-Alaskan Totem Pole
    10-Alaskan Totem Pole
  11. 11-Alaskan Transportation
    11-Alaskan Transportation
  12. 12-Baron Lake Idaho
    12-Baron Lake Idaho
  13. 13-Boise Idaho
    13-Boise Idaho
  14. 14-Winter in Boise ID
    14-Winter in Boise ID
  15. 16-Chief Joseph Family
    16-Chief Joseph Family
  16. 17-Idaho Farm
    17-Idaho Farm
  17. 18-Idaho Grain Elevator
    18-Idaho Grain Elevator
  18. 19-Ketchum Idaho
    19-Ketchum Idaho
  19. 20-Idaho Native Dance
    20-Idaho Native Dance
  20. 21-Idaho Potatoes
    21-Idaho Potatoes
  21. 22-Idaho Sheep
    22-Idaho Sheep
  22. 23-Snake River Idaho
    23-Snake River Idaho
  23. 25-Canon Beach Oregon-Elk
    25-Canon Beach Oregon-Elk
  24. 26-Chief Kno-Tah - Oregon
    26-Chief Kno-Tah - Oregon
  25. 27-Oregon Coast
    27-Oregon Coast
  26. 28-Columbia River Gorge - OR
    28-Columbia River Gorge - OR
  27. 29-Oregon Covered Bridge
    29-Oregon Covered Bridge
  28. 30-Crater Lake Oregon
    30-Crater Lake Oregon
  29. 31-Oregon LIghthouse
    31-Oregon LIghthouse
  30. 32-Mt. Hood Oregon
    32-Mt. Hood Oregon
  31. 33-Portland Oregon
    33-Portland Oregon
  32. 34-Salmon Fishing in Oregon
    34-Salmon Fishing in Oregon
  33. 35-Seals - Oregon
    35-Seals - Oregon
  34. 36-Silver Creek Falls Oregon
    36-Silver Creek Falls Oregon
  35. 37-Columbia River Gorge Sunset
    37-Columbia River Gorge Sunset
  36. 38-Oregon Wine Coountry
    38-Oregon Wine Coountry
  37. 39-Oregon Wolf
    39-Oregon Wolf
  38. 41-Washington Apples
    41-Washington Apples
  39. 42-Washington Teddy Bears
    42-Washington Teddy Bears
  40. 43-Colvilee Family - WA
    43-Colvilee Family - WA
  41. 44-Washington Eagle
    44-Washington Eagle
  42. 45-Eastern Washington
    45-Eastern Washington
  43. 46-Washington Elk
    46-Washington Elk
  44. 47-Fort Vancouver WA
    47-Fort Vancouver WA
  45. 48-Mt. Adams WA
    48-Mt. Adams WA
  46. 49-Mt. Ranier WA
    49-Mt. Ranier WA
  47. 52-Mt. St. Helens After Eruption
    52-Mt. St. Helens After Eruption
  48. 50-Mt. St. Helen's Before Eruption
    50-Mt. St. Helen's Before Eruption
  49. 51-Mt. St. Helen's Eruption
    51-Mt. St. Helen's Eruption
  50. 53-Palouse Falls WA
    53-Palouse Falls WA
  51. 55-Ruby Beach WA
    55-Ruby Beach WA
  52. 56-Seattle with Mt. Rainier in Background
    56-Seattle with Mt. Rainier in Background
  53. 57-Seattle - Space Needle
    57-Seattle - Space Needle
  54. 58-Snoqualmie Falls WA
    58-Snoqualmie Falls WA
  55. 59-Spokane WA
    59-Spokane WA
  56. 60-Whale off WA Coast
    60-Whale off WA Coast
  57. 2a-Shiradi Ghat Road
    2a-Shiradi Ghat Road
  58. Dumbarton
  59. 4a-Eilean Donan Castle
    4a-Eilean Donan Castle
  60. 3a-Goat Fell Mountains
    3a-Goat Fell Mountains